Xiaomi Redmi Pad test: A simple, efficient and affordable tablet

Like the majority of entry-level tablets, this Redmi Pad does not show off in photos. It embeds a single dorsal module consisting of an 8 Mpx sensor whose lens opens at f / 2. A configuration similar to Oppo’s recent Pad Air, which did not shine on this subject.

Main module: 8 MP, f/2

Let’s be clear, entry-level tablets are far from offering a photo experience equivalent to that of even affordable smartphones. This is also taken into account in our rating. We will therefore be satisfied with it for an extra use. As you will see, Xiaomi does not change the situation, even if the result is a little more flattering when the light is there.

Oppo Pad Air

Redmi Pad (8MP, f/2, ISO 129, 1/100s)

During the day, the Redmi Pad delivers a very average result, but still better than that of the Oppo Pad Air. If we deplore a real lack of detail and sharpness, we benefit from better exposure and a slightly more radiant colorimetry. The whole thing is a bit cleaner and doesn’t sport the dull hue of the Pad Air. Not enough to capture sensational shots, but still more recommendable in good light conditions.

Oppo Pad Air

Redmi Pad (8MP, f/2, ISO 3640, 1/14 sec)

In the dark, neither of the two photos is usable. If the photo of the Redmi Pad once again seems a little better exposed, the whole thing is completely blurry. Digital smoothing does not bring any gain to the image, and practically no detail can be distinguished. In short, you will have to forget photography when night falls.

Front and video module

At the front, we take advantage of an 8 Mpx sensor whose lens opens at f / 2.3. The selfies are pretty average. The colors seem a little washed out and the whole lacks sharpness. Same observation for the video, even if it is not the first but of such a device.

The tablet is capable of filming in Full HD at 30 frames per second. Here again, nothing really transcendent, the sensor having a lot of trouble managing the highlights.

You will understand, the device does not shine on this point.

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