Will OPPO capsize all music lovers with its new wireless and lossless chip?

The MariSilicon Y SoC can broadcast an audio signal at 24 bit/192kHz, i.e. values ​​higher than CD quality, which makes OPPO say that its component is a first in the industry. The Bluetooth speed is 12 Mbit/s, which is 50% higher than the competition. It is also compatible with Bluetooth LE Audio technology.

OPPO is also unveiling a new Bluetooth codec, dubbed URLC for Ultra-resolution lossless codec. The MariSilicon Y chip is also compatible with LDAC, LHDC, L2DC, L3C, AAC and the good old SBC codecs.

This new SoC is also compatible with personalized spatial sound, which adapts to the ears of each user. OPPO has, to do this, presented a feature included on the processor, via its integrated NPU, and using artificial intelligence to isolate the voice or some of the instruments from the songs played in order to obtain a spatialized rendering. However, the track is not originally offered in this format.

The MariSilicon SoC should very soon integrate the brand’s next premium smartphones to be released in 2023. We will then see if the industry follows OPPO in this direction in the future.

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