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Highlighted following the name change of Meta, the metaverse will not have had a great year in 2022. Interest in the thing has indeed declined over the months, but that could change next year.

Why is this important?

Announced as the next revolution of the Internet, but also of social interactions, the concept of metaverse is still struggling to convince, even if many people have already invested crazy sums to afford a piece of digital land. Meta, too, put a lot of balls into it and this cost him dearly, in particular the confidence of his investors. Is Mark Zuckerberg shown to be too avant-garde? It’s possible.

In the news : Apple would launch its first virtual reality headset in the second half of 2023.

  • In any case, this is what several sources claim, in particular the journalist Dan Howley of Yahoo Finance.

The essential : Apple’s VR headset will be the most advanced ever.

Apple, the salvation of the metaverse?

The (possible) launch of this headset might suggest a certain inclination for metaverse on Apple’s part, but in reality, this would not really be the case.

  • So far, the Cupertino company has indeed spoken very little on the subject.
  • There is also a good chance that Tim Cook does not pronounce the term during the presentation of the product.
  • By doing so, Apple would seek to distance itself from the idea of ​​legless avatars currently conveyed by the metaverse, in particular the one developed by Meta.
  • There is also talk that the firm is developing its own version of the concept.

Yes, but : if the company at the apple does not want to be associated with the metaverse, the release of its first VR headset – even hybrid – will do it for it. This will indeed highlight this idea of ​​a virtual world in which individuals can immerse themselves and interact together.

An elite helmet

As you might expect, Apple’s VR headset will be top of the line. In other words, it will be expensive, very expensive.

  • According to Bloomberg, the selling price would be around $3,000. It will therefore not be accessible to all budgets.

In the end, if the arrival of Apple in the VR/AR headset sector highlights all this technology and its application through the metaverse, the prohibitive price that will be applied could eventually prove to be a brake on its popularization.

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