Why You Should Blur Your Home on Google Maps

By default, all houses on the streets photographed by Google appear sharp. But some users, concerned about preserving their privacy, choose to blur their home. And rightly so.

Reasons for security

Indeed, Google Street View can be used by some malicious users as a tracking tool. Some images indeed reveal the interior of certain rooms, visible through the windows. Others show the entry points to your property, or the presence and location of cameras. Still others make it possible to locate a car and then detect its absence. Finally, the free service makes it possible, in certain cases, to visualize where the deliverers drop off the parcels.

So much sensitive and personal information that burglars or malicious people could misuse. Therefore, it is better to protect yourself by blurring your house on Google.

How to proceed ?

1. Open Google Maps and enter your address

2. Switch to “Street View” mode

3. Orient the little yellow man to get a view of your home

4. Select “Report a problem” at the bottom right of your screen. A new window should open

5. Frame, via the image preview, your home

6. Then click on “Request blurring” in victims “My home”

7. You then have to register your e-mail address and validate the reCAPTCHA.

You will have to wait for Google services to validate your request before seeing the result. Please note: this procedure is final. Once the blur is affixed to your house, it will not be possible to remove it.

Note that it is also possible to blur a face or a license plate that Google’s algorithms have failed.

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