where to buy the most expensive Model 3 possible? (and least)

Depending on your geographic location, the prices charged by Tesla vary dramatically. Discover below the countries where the Model 3 is sold at a golden price and those in which the prices are more accessible.

Tesla Model 3 – Credit: Unsplash

One day, a Tesla below $25,000 will be offered to consumers. But as confirmed by Elon Musk, this project is not relevant at the moment. In the meantime, it will be necessary to fall back on vehicles already present in the catalog such as the Model 3, the most affordable model from the manufacturer. A true best-seller, it is at the top of the ranking of the best-selling electric cars around the globe. But its price is very variable from one country to another, points out a study carried out by Confused.com.

Obviously, it is only a photograph at time t. The prices of Tesla are regularly modified, in particular according to the fluctuation of the exchange rates. This ranking will still allow you to get a general idea of ​​​​the different prices of the popular Tesla Model 3.

Tesla: the countries where the Model 3 is sold the least expensive

Let’s start with the countries where the car costs the least. In the lead, we find the autonomous region of Macao (35,577 euros), followed closely by China (36,696 euros) and Romania (36,837 euros). Japan climbs to fourth place (37,252), just ahead of France (37,800 euros). For comparison, you have to pay 40,637 euros in the United States to get a Model 3, the country only ranking tenth. Here is the full ranking:

  1. Macau: €35,577
  2. China: €36,696
  3. Romania: €36,837
  4. Japan: €37,252
  5. France : €37,800
  6. Norway: €38,270
  7. Swiss : €39,268
  8. Iceland: €39,918
  9. Porto Rico : €40,637
  10. United States : €40,637

Tesla: the countries where the Model 3 is sold the most expensive

Conversely, you have to invest a lot more money to afford a model 3 in some countries. As in Singapore where the vehicle costs the trifle of 73,554 euros. In second position, over found Israel (56,938 euros), followed by Sweden (55,310 euros) and the Czech Republic (55,214 euros).

  1. Singapore: €73,554
  2. Israel: €56,938
  3. Sweden : €55,310
  4. Czech Republic : €55,214
  5. Denmark: €55,117
  6. Luxemburg: €52,970
  7. Portugal : €52,885
  8. Taiwan: €52,685
  9. Netherlands : €51,970
  10. UK : €51,431

And for completeness, here are the expenses to plan for the three years following the purchase of a Tesla Model 3.

Source: Electrek

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