WhatsApp: the application will stop working on December 31 on these “old” smartphone models

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You have probably heard of planned obsolescence. This technique, widely used by marketing managers, is used to reduce the life of their product. And this deliberately. Whether you have experienced this for your smartphone, your laptop or many other technological products. It should then be known that messaging app, WhatsApp, plans to do the same soon. Know that the new updates of the application bring great novelties. And this, for the majority of users who have an old phone. However, it should be noted thatfrom December 31, 2022many users will know stoppage of operation of WhatsApp on their smartphone. We’ll explaine everything here !

Planned obsolescence: what is it?

Planned obsolescence. Big words to explain a technique that we all know. If you still don’t know what we’re talking about, the explanation is very simple. Planned obsolescence is a technique that brings together ” all of the techniques, including software, by those responsible for placing a product on the market aimed at deliberately reducing its lifespan “.

It should be noted that this technique remains very famous and used in the world of smartphones. Indeed, smartphone manufacturers ensure that the product encounters difficulties, or even breaks down, a few days after the end of the warranty, for example. So, like magic, after 2 years and 1 day of using the smartphone, that is, the day after the end of the warranty, the device begins to experience problems. A technique that encourages the customer to buy a device.

A technique widely used, including by WhatsApp

A gift, It seems like this technique disappears from the market. And this, since manufacturers are showing themselves to be more and more patient with guarantees of 3 or even 4 years. However, as you are no doubt aware, there is still difficult to keep the same product for life. And this, whether it is a smartphone, a robot vacuum cleaner, a laptop or an electronic alarm clock.

In addition to the material, you should know that the same style of practice exists for software. It should be noted that the software used today always requires more power. But also new security protocols that do not seem not compatible with older devices. The perfect example: WhatsApp. Indeed, as of December 31, 2022, this messaging application will stop working on many old smartphones.

WhatsApp disappears for these smartphones on December 31

Among the smartphones that could no longer accommodate the great messaging app, WhatsApp, there are many big brands. Thus, around forty smartphones will have their access to WhatsApp removed. First of all, two smartphones from the Apple brand couldn’t open this app anymore.

This concerns the Apple iPhone 5 and the Apple iPhone 5c. Then, from December 31, 2022, users of Archos 53 Platinum and HTC Desire 500 will no longer be able to use WhatsApp. Furthermore, six smartphones from the Chinese brand Huawei will see their use stopped. We therefore find the Huawei Ascend D, the Quad XL, the Huawei Ascend D1, the Huawei Ascend D2, the Huawei Ascend G740, the Huawei Ascend Mate, and the Huawei Ascend P1. On the other hand, the Lenovo A820 will no longer be able to support the application. Or the Wiko Cink Five and the Wiko Darknight ZTE.

Other smartphones affected

Among the smartphones that could no longer use WhatsApp, we can also quote many LG. Indeed, there is therefore LG Enact, LG Lucid 2, LG Optimus 4X HD, LG Optimus F3, LG Optimus F3Q, LG Optimus F5, LG Optimus F6, LG Optimus F7, LG Optimus L2 II, LG Optimus L3 II, LG Optimus L3 II Dual. As well as LG Optimus L4 II, LG Optimus L4 II Dual, LG Optimus L5, LG Optimus L5 Dual, LG Optimus L5 II, LG Optimus L7, LG Optimus L7 II, LG Optimus L7 II Dual, and LG Optimus Nitro HD.

For Samsung brand, the deal remains the same when it comes to WhatsApp. And this, with the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, the Samsung Galaxy Core, the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, the Samsung Galaxy Trend II. As well as the Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite, and Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2. Neither is the Sony Xperia Arc S, Sony Xperia Miro, and Sony Xperia Neo L. And finally, old ZTE smartphones. We therefore find the Grand S Flex ZTE, Grand X Quad V987 ZTE, and the Memo ZTE V956.

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