what changes in 2022?

Barely 12 months after having already modified it, Tesla is again making some changes to its Model S. L’Auto-Journal takes stock.

Barely a year ago, Tesla had already modified its model. Rebelote at the beginning ofyear 2022the Models Should be updated. No big changes though, just a few practical adjustments to increase son driving comfort.

New, less glare headlights

This Tesla Model S 2022 Edition is equipped with new matrix projector LED headlights. This technology was already fitted to the Model 3 and Model Y. This system makes it possible to drive with the large headlights on (the high beams) without dazzling oncoming vehicles.

A new universal charger

The biggest change comes from the price feeder. The Tesla Model S is now equipped with a CCS2 charging portto be able to recharge your Tesla on any terminal with a universal cable. This change will also be effective on the Model X

Not for now in France

Unfortunately, the semi-builder parts shortage (we explain everything here) which currently affects the automotive world does not allow Tesla to deliver its new Model S immediately in France. No date has been communicated by the electric car brand.

On his site, you can still order it. However, this is only one preorder which can only be validated once Tesla is able to deliver its vehicles. It can be canceled at any time and the manufacturer undertakes to repay in full.

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