What can other tech giants learn from Apple? – Business AM

The tech giants have been through a tough qualifying period this year. They have seen their stock prices plummet by double digits. It is true that Apple was able to contain its losses somewhat. The company owes this in part to the benefits it has granted to its shareholders in recent years.

Why is this important?

The tech giants would rather forget about 2022 as soon as possible. After two successful years, they saw the stock market gains then made from this year’s smoke. Technology companies were particularly penalized by the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes.

News: Apple’s stock price fell some 27% between January 1 and December 19 (closing price). That’s a lot, but compared to other tech giants, the damage isn’t too great.

  • Microsoft did slightly worse than Apple during this period and had to give up 28%.
  • Alphabet, the parent company above Google, lost 39%.
  • Amazon saw 50% of its market value go up in smoke.
  • Meta plunged up to 66%

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