watch OS 9.2: melting of autonomy on Apple Watch

Installing watchOS 9.2 results in battery life issues for users of all kinds of Apple Watch. With almost every update – of iPhone or watch – we are entitled to complaints about a plummeting autonomy, but in this case, several testimonies agree on Reddit (1, 2), on Twitter (1, 2, 3) or at Apple (1, 2).

Some suggest the launch date of 9.0, but 9.2 seems to have reached more people. Such and such sees his day end at 30/40% battery against 55/65% before the update. Another observes a drop from 70 to less than 15% in just four hours.

One of our readers, who keeps the Series 6 overnight, was going to bed with 50% battery compared to almost 10% now. Another also to this problem of a battery that drains too quickly to do a complete night monitoring if we have not taken care to fill it much more than before.

These malfunctions are random, some of us didn’t notice anything different. My watch – capture above – seems affected but it’s an S5 with an already worn-out battery.

The simplest advice to try to avoid it is to start by replacing it. And if the bug persists, do not hesitate to restore it completely via the “Erase content and settings” option in the General section of the Watch app settings.

With watchOS 9.2, the

With watchOS 9.2, the Apple Watch Ultra is ready for a 17-hour triathlon


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