Watch Buds: Huawei invents the connected watch with integrated boxes

Christmas is fast approaching and it is exactly at this time that the Chinese giant Huawei has chosen to present its latest connected watch model. This watch called “Watch Buds” is not only a connected watch, because it also hides wireless headphones, inside even the mechanism. Announced by Huawei on December 12, it was expected and had the effect of a small bomb in the world of connected watches. Huawei had already offered a connected bracelet that turned into a Bluetooth headset, the TalkBand. But this time, it’s a real watch equipped with a pair of headphones, completely practical so that you never forget the watch or the headphones again… Presentation.

The Huawei Watch Buds in detail

The first impression, which is obvious, is that this watch is anything but discreet. Hiding headphones under its dial, it obviously cannot be ultrathin. The watch is equipped witha 1.43 inch diameter OLED screen and the screen has a definition of 466 × 466 pixels. The case is stainless steel and waterproof and the strap measures 22 cm. On the battery side, it is equipped with a 410 mAh model which gives it an autonomy of about three days. Regarding its connected watch features, it measures heart rate and blood oxygen saturation, but also analyzes sleep cycles and stress levels. Apart from giving the time, it also allows you to answer your calls. Finally, it is equipped with the HarmonyOS system, 3 the same as the Watch 3 Pro and Watch GT 3 Pro watches.

The hidden secret of the Watch Buds

When you lift the screen of the watch, thanks to a special button, a pair of headphones is hidden inside. Weighing four grams, the The headphones are miniaturized and equipped with tactile surfaces on the end for playback controls. These devices are inserted into the case with four magnets that prevent them from wandering during transport. In addition, they also provide an active noise reduction function. In addition, the headphones charge directly in the watch. It is possible to control the headphones directly from the watch to answer a call or change the audio source. You can also ring the headphones from the watch, if you ever misplace them. Which is likely to happen given the size of the headphones.

A new and innovative connected watch. Photo credit: Huawei

What price for this watch?

You won’t be able to order from Santa, or at least not for this year. Huawei announced the released in China, priced at €406 duty free. Available in two colors, metallic gray or black, it is not yet available on the French market. A reasonable price compared to some competing brands! In addition, Huawei is the first brand to offer this type of device, no doubt that it will be followed by its competitors in the near future.

The Huawei Watch Buds watch is both a connected watch and a wireless earphone box.
The Huawei Watch Buds watch is both a connected watch and a wireless earphone box. Photo credit: Huawei

From now on, you will not forget your listens, they hide in your watche. For the moment Huawei has not communicated on the fact that the Watch Buds will be available soon. To be continued, if this watch seduces you.

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