VIDEO – When a pit bull devours a Tesla Model 3

What a misadventure this motorist experienced! She was visibly shocked by the situation. Her Tesla Model 3, in which she had taken refuge with her dog, suffered from a jaw pressure of 17 kg/cm2.

In the United States, a woman was walking with her dog when a pit bull approached them. The animal, in total freedom, started running behind them, forcing them to take refuge inside a Tesla Model 3.

The owner of the car could have engaged forward gear and left the scene, but she stayed put and filmed the following scene. The pit bull was not happy that the woman and her dog took refuge in their car. He then proceeded to bite into the Tesla’s body panels, damaging the car’s front and rear fenders. We also see him biting and tearing off the driver’s window seal with all his might.

The police were present, but the policeman leaning on the door of his car did not intervene and was content to watch the scene armed in hand. In another video posted on her Tik Tok account, the driver explains that she tried to flee, but the pit bull wouldn’t let go and continued to bite her car. She even says that she tried to run him over several times, not to kill him, but because children were not far away and he could therefore attack them.

The pit bull’s owner apologized to the victim and offered to pay all medical bills as well as repairs to his electric sedan. Not sure that was enough to console this frightened motorist who was crying her tears in her car.

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