Using your Tesla to play remotely from your living room is possible on the latest models

Transforming a Tesla into a real gaming PC accessible remotely is now possible. The rise in power of the on-board computer of the latest Model S and X and the deployment of Steam beta on these two models make it possible to play it in good conditions. However, we will have seen more practical to play in his living room…

The new Model S Plaid welcomes Steam beta on its on-board computer // Source: Frandroid

Real gamers will no doubt go elsewhere very quickly, but imagine that the latest Tesla Model S and Model X are gamers at heart. Both displayed at more than 100,000 euros in France, the two new Tesla sedans incorporate a brand new on-board computer capable of developing computing power equivalent to that of the latest home consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Enough to welcome the Steam beta, which opens up new game perspectives on board the two vehicles… And even outside if you like to tweak a little with Steam Link. As Electrek points out, the graphics performance of the latest Tesla models, however, mainly plans to support the brand’s ambitions in terms of autonomous driving.

When AAA games invite themselves into the car

These new capabilities can in any case transform the on-board computer of the Tesla Model S or Model X into a real gaming PC accessible in the passenger compartment or remotely.

Can’t play in the garage? It works great on Apple TV connected to Tesla via Steam Link! of teslamotors

Proof of this is on Reddit, where a user demonstrated that linking a Tesla’s Steam beta app to an Apple TV, all via Steam Link, is perfectly doable. Once a Bluetooth controller is connected to the Apple TV, it is then possible to play any game in your living room from a Model S or X. All the calculation is then taken care of by the vehicle’s infotainment system. .

Steam beta made a remarkable entrance on the latest Tesla models // Source: Tesla

Logically, the operation is replicable on any device that can install the Steam Link application. The only constraint is to connect your Steam Link device and a capable Tesla to the same Wi-Fi network so that the two parties can communicate. It remains to be seen whether this possibility will really be used by Tesla owners other than to have fun with it for a few minutes…

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