US driver blames Tesla self-driving in accident

A driver of a Tesla car added a pileup on November 24, of 8 cars in San Francisco Bay in the United States causing 89 injuries, accuses the American manufacturer and in particular its autonomous driving system, which would have reported the brakes without warning.

If Tesla has seduced millions of people with its technological advances, it remains at the heart of several controversies. The latest concerns an accident that occurred in San Francisco on November 24, causing 9 injuries and a pile-up involving 8 cars.

The driver at the origin of the accident was driving a Tesla Mode S reports that the latter braked without his intervention causing him to drop suddenly from 80 km/h to 30 km/h. The motorist accuses the automatic driving system of his car, which would have acted randomly.

An investigation was subsequently opened by the authorities concerned, but the latter patina a little declared, since these authorities have that it is currently impossible to determine if the autonomous driving was indeed activated at the time of the facts. .

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