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While the establishment has been complaining for a few weeks of repeated thefts of air conditioners, the mutual insurance company of the Omar Bongo University (UOB) informs that it found unconscious, on Sunday, a man whose bag contained tools supposed to think that he is part of of the alleged perpetrators of the burglaries. It would be a student from the Geography department.

The alleged thief after regaining consciousness, December 25, 2022, in the early morning. © Facebook/UOB Mutual

Funny Christmas gift. A man was found unconscious on Sunday, December 25, in the enclosure of the UOB. For the mutual, there is no doubt that this is one of the split thieves that the university has been trying to apprehend for a few weeks after the recording of repeated cases of burglary in the “Temple of Knowledge”.

Inside the bag of the man who would today be in the hands of the competent authorities, the mutual would have found cutting pliers and remote controls for air conditioners. What exactly happened for him to find himself unconscious near the place of his alleged crime? If the mutual admits not knowing, it nevertheless suspects a fall or “a quarrel that went wrong with his (alleged) accomplices”.

Never mind, “Faced with the impotence of the authorities, nature and the spirits of the Temple decided to act by offering us this Christmas present”fun mutual on Facebook where some users believe they have recognized a student from the Department of Geography.

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