Twitter bans links to Facebook, Instagram and other rival social networks

Twitter users can now no longer share links with certain rival social networks, including what the company describes as “prohibited platforms”: Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, and others.

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New week and new policy on Twitter. After banishing journalists who dared to criticize him and the censor of his competitor Mastodon, Elon Musk has again updated his policy on the use of the social network. Now it will be prohibited for users to promote other competing platforms.

More precisely, any advertising in a tweet or even on the profile (account name, description) to another social network is strictly prohibited. Among the competing platforms targeted, Elon Musk cites Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Post and Nostr. Note, moreover, that it will not even be no longer possible to publish a link or lnk.biowhich allowed users to refer other Internet users to all their other social networks, but that links to TikTok, Telegram, YouTube or Weibo are still authorized.

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Elon Musk no longer wants competition on Twitter

Twitter specifies that it will now be unable to promote from another social network, for example by saying ” Follow me @name on Instagram “, or ” check out my Facebook profile – “. ” Occasionally sharing links is fine, but no more incessant, free advertising for competitors explains Elon Musk.

Twitter may also suspend accounts. used for the primary purpose of promoting content on another social platform “. Despite all this, Twitter has nothing against the paid promotion of these prohibited platforms.

For users who continued this kind of practice, Twitter says it will remove any tweets containing policy violations, and may temporarily suspend accounts whose profile contains links to prohibited social platforms. Elon Musk will also take action against users who attempt to move this policy by obfuscating URLs to other platforms or writing “dot” for social media platforms that use “. in names to avoid URL creation, or by sharing screenshots of your ID on a prohibited social media platform.

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