Tunisia – Abbou wants Kaïs to step down voluntarily

Political activist and former minister, Mohamed Abbou published a post on his facebook page in which he studies the reasons for the current crisis and the best scenario to get out of it.

In this regard, he recalls that the last legislative elections showed that Saïed lost the majority which had supported him on July 25, 2021, because of his despair of being able to get out of the crisis in this way.

Abbou continued on the fact that the best scenario for ending the crisis, at the moment, would be the voluntary withdrawal of Kaïs Saïed after having taken care to cancel himself, his new constitution, as well as his new law. electoral.

Abbou advocates for a way out of the crisis, the return to the 2014 constitution, to the former ISIE and to the former High Council of the Judiciary. He also called for the start of the judgments, dismissing all the magistrates who sacrificed their independence by aligning themselves behind the decision-makers from Ben Ali to Kaïs Saïed.

Abbou added that to succeed, this plan requires total discipline from the security forces, which must allow orders from the judiciary, and the involvement of the army if necessary.

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