TSMC started production of 3 nm processors this week (Apple Silicon M2)

TSMC, the main chip maker for Apple, will start production of processors with 3 nm engraving fineness this week. If we are to believe Digitimes which relays the information, these 3 nm processors could be the M2 Pro which will equip the next generation of MacBook Pro or new models of Mac mini. DigiTimes is rather precise since the start of 3 nm production is announced for Thursday, December 29. On the same day and for the occasion, TSMC organized a ceremony at the Fab 18 site of the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP); the 3 nm is something to celebrate…

As a reminder, the A16 Bionic processors are engraved in 4 nm (in fact “improved” 5 nm). The M2 Pro would be the first “design by Apple” processor in 3 nm then it would be the turn of the A17 (iPhone 15 Pro). The M2 Pro would primarily equip the next 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro (normally presented during the first half of 2023) then possibly the new Mac Studio and Mac mini ranges. Later in the year, Apple will also unveil the M3, again engraved in 3 nm.

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