This video of the Knights of the Fiel which scratches the Gers department is a hit on Facebook

Eric Carrière and Francis Ginibre do not go hand in hand with the Gers department which takes it for its rank. (©Facebook screenshot)

“A department where the last film released has still not been released, (…) there is electricity, but still no 3G, (…) in the evening everything is closed, even the door of the chicken coop, (…) if you want flirt there is only the market on Saturdays” to quote only a few excerpts from this clip.

The Knights of the field are made up for the occasion as farmers. They chain the sequences, on a tractor, in a meadow, or near a barn.

A sequence broadcast on C8 and relayed on social networks

Initially, the clip had been programmed during a special broadcast on C8 and called “Les Chevaliers du fiel dynamitent 2022”.

Aurélie, a fan of comedians living in Auch, did not hesitate to relay video on facebook Friday, December 23, 2022.

Since the view counter panics. Already seen more than 120,000 times and shared more than 4,000 times, the video should perform in the statistics of the famous social network in the coming days.

The Gersois are not resentful

If the Toulouse duo do not go with the back of the spoon, there is no doubt that the Gersois have a very developed sense of humor and will be able to show self-mockery to appreciate this satirical wink, like Aurélie who relayed the video. She is herself Gersoise!

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