This little discounted Apple accessory will ensure you never lose your stuff again

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Apple is revolutionizing the daily life of people who have their heads in the air or who are afraid of losing their belongings. Save time when searching: the AirTag rings and tells you where to find your lost items. This small round and discreet accessory is fixed in your belongings. You can hang one on your key ring, slip one in your purse, etc. When you lose your belongings, open your iPhone app and find the location of the AirTag.

If it is located close to you, the “Location” function allows you to activate the ringtone of the device. The latter is equipped with a speaker that helps you find your things with sound. Amazon offers you the set of 4 Apple AirTags at 119 euros instead of 129 euros. Order them now as a gift for Christmas or to use before you go on vacation and scatter your things everywhere. Find here the Amazon offer on the set of Apple AirTags

AirTags will quickly become an essential for you

With Apple AirTags, you’ll never lose your valuables again. These accessories are compatible with the Siri voice assistant. Ask aloud to activate the AirTag so that it starts ringing. Two options are possible. The first is the “Location” function which helps you find objects near you (like your keys when you have to leave for the office in the morning).

The second function is “Locate” which allows you to find distant objects. The AirTag mobilizes the entire Apple network to find your stuff and discover it wherever it is in the world. The AirTags, on sale at Amazon, are waterproof up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

Find here the Amazon offer on the set of Apple AirTags

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