this is how foldable phones are made

OPPO is following Samsung’s strategy even if its two Find N2 foldables make the latest Galaxy Z blush… Now we just want to see them outside of China!

OPPO’s new Find N2, an (almost) normal mobile next to the “stretched” Galaxy Z Fold4.

With time to rest for the presentation of the OPPO Find N2 in China, now seems the time to sharpen these new foldables from the Dongguan firm, which has finally already won the honorary title of best folding concept in 2021 with your first generation OPPO Find N

After seeing what we have seen, we can already say that at OPPO they were very clear about the keys for this second iteration to advance more than the others, and it is certain that they have achieved this by following the strategy of Samsung, by doing their own and improving what is present, in addition to a very simple way of simply listening to the market.

Samsung’s bet with its Galaxy Z was not very risky in 2022, so OPPO only had to see and come up with two models for its OPPO Find N2, which directly become the best foldables on the market by right, design and possibilities.

And it is that there is no doubt at this point that the needs of foldable mobiles remain to be defined, playing in an immature competition where even the ideal formats are not clear, although it must be recognized that in the lack of progress, for now the most established are precisely those that Samsung has explored most vigorously: the clamshell “Flip” and the book-shaped “Fold”.

It’s these two that OPPO is now bringing into play, updating its successful Find N and developing a Find N2 Flip from the ground up that debuts with the same fold-free hinge technology, albeit now in this shell format. which triumphed, becoming the best seller among all the folding formats we have seen.

New OPPO Find N2 and Find N2 Flip: directly to Samsung

The worst thing about these OPPO Find N2s is that they are presented exclusively for the Chinese market, without news of an international assortment that would undoubtedly give them much more weight compared to a Samsung that still has not found a rival dignified and committed to flexible motives at all levels.

At least this year the Chinese manufacturer promises us that “in a few months” we will be able to buy the Find N2 Flip in Europe, without dates or prices for now, but both devices are so interesting that we have offered to tell you what are the two keys that make it the best folding in the industry at least currently.

We look forward to seeing you, so for now let’s open our mouths to its great benefits!

OPPO Find N2 Flip: an external screen to master

It was an open secret that OPPO was going to show us a clamshell type foldable mobile, and it is that Samsung has already shown that these smartphones have a long history and success in a market that has made them the best sellers among all the foldable ones.

Even so, OPPO’s idea is more interesting and attractive than any other similar one we’ve seen, and that’s that the Galaxy Z Flips have an excessively small and unnecessarily useless external screen, which indicates that we have to open them for almost everything. Another option would be Motorola and its RAZR, but that’s because Motorola isn’t more thoughtful about how we don’t use mobile phones, placing a larger screen but in landscape.

The approximation of OPPO and its Find N2 Flip is the one that seems to us the most accurate regarding what users are looking for and need, and that is that this secondary screen is a good size and has been installed in a vertical arrangement , almost like a mini-smartphone, designed with room for cameras and components but housing far more functionality than any other clamshell-style folding we’ve seen, also in a familiar, user-friendly layout compared to what everyone would expect.

It’s something so logical that now we all thought to comment nobody would think of it before, but yes friends, for me it’s the best ‘Flip’ concept in the market because of its own functionality, and the video that we have inserted evidence of this with examples.

OPPO shows the way to Samsung: this is how foldable phones are made

The OPPO Find N2 Flip arrives to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

OPPO Find N2: format does (almost) everything

As for the OPPO Find N2, the truth is that here the Dongguan manufacturer had already come a long way and received positive reviews since 2021, when its first generation excited the world with this Flexion hinge that minimized the central crease of the flexible screen, a key component which is now updated with a second generation.

It doesn’t do that in terms of showmanship, since the OPPO Find N and OPPO Find N2 look similar and open and operate similarly, but there’s been a huge amount of redesign and lightening work done. on a hinge that now has far fewer parts and a thinner and lighter construction, simpler and also more durable by eliminating any type of gap when the device is folded.

Not only that, and I still think that OPPO’s concept is also the most successful among all the ‘Fold’ that we know, and that is that the Dongguan firm did not want to compete in internal panel sizes or in many other battles that don’t contribute to the end user experience.

OPPO shows the way to Samsung: this is how foldable phones are made

The OPPO Find N2 is OPPO’s most advanced foldable to date.

On the contrary, OPPO has raised the photographic level that Samsung does not seem to care about in the Galaxy Z, now adopting the cameras with the Hasselblad seal, keeping everything we had good and with an exterior design that has adequate proportions , with a 5-inch, 54-inch screen in 18:9 that allows us to use the OPPO Find N2 like any other phone when closed and folded.

It is therefore a more common, more normal, not so stretched and yes, smaller, comfortable and versatile smartphone, which can also be opened allowing a huge 7.1 inch panel, both with the same quality AMOLED, 120Hz and HDR10+.

After having already tested several foldable mobiles, I can say that what I expect from a foldable is precisely what the OPPO Find N2 offers, and I list my conclusions:

  1. A more comfortable size when I wear it. Make it as thin and light as possible.
  2. This allows me to use normally without opening, without concessions to stretch the screen too much or switch to strange formats.
  3. The possibility of having a big screen only when I need it, to play, work, consume content or read, and it is that in the end when I got the Fold I ended up using the panel external for almost the entire panel with the inconveniences that this entails.
  4. In connection with the above, it is necessary that the experience of one or the other of the two screens in terms of refresh, resolution and others is not penal.
  5. High-performance mobile photography, in a high-performance foldable smartphone.
  6. Stylus support.

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