this free wireless charger is the great deal of the day

While fast wired charging technology continues to advance, wireless charging allows you to charge with different style devices. Right now the Samsung Pad 15 West is free. You will therefore not have to pay 39 euros to have it.

Samsung has a myriad of inductive chargers, some of which may be free after discount and an ODR. This is currently the case with the Samsung Pad 15 W. On Darty, the 15 W wireless charger EP-P2400 is at 0 euros after a discount of 20 euros and a Samsung ODR of 20 euros.

The Samsung Pad 15W in brief

  • Sober, light and flat base;
  • LED charging indicator;
  • Qi-compatible charging.

Instead of 39 euros normally, the Samsung Pad (EP-P2400) is now available on sale at 19.99 euros at Darty and Fnac. The induction charger also benefits from an ODR of 20 euros. The base therefore becomes free.

Optimized charging for Samsung devices

The full power of the 15W Samsung Pad is available for all Samsung-branded devices. The 15 W make it possible to recharge compatible induction devices from the Korean charging giant quite quickly. For other devices from other brands, the power delivered is 5 W. It’s not huge, but it fulfills its charging function well. The base manages to recharge through shells or cases less than 5 mm thick.

If you want to exploit the full potential of the Samsung EP-P2400, the trick is to get yourself a 25 W USB-C power adapter. It’s certainly extra, but you save precious time with fast charging.

Induction bases can sometimes heat up. To avoid this, Samsung had the good idea to equip this wireless charger with a fan.

Discreet and compact design goes anywhere

If the Samsung EP-P2400 is not a beast of performance in the field of induction charging, the fact remains that Samsung has paid particular attention to its design. The Samsung Pad 15 W is a flat base with a compact format. The black color gives it sobriety and discretion. The device will have no trouble finding its place both in your office and on your bedside table.

Another detail also distinguishes this wireless charger: it has LED indicator lights that indicate the charge level. The witnesses do not have the same behavior during the day and in the evening. By day, they are powerful enough to be easily seen. At night, the lights are dimmed to preserve your comfort. Moreover, you do not have to intervene for this.

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