This extension allows you to easily export your Gmail data to Google Sheets

Contact information, invoices, files… E-mails are veritable goldmines for companies. However, extracting all this data is daunting and far too long if we stick to the traditional copy/paste. It is better to arm yourself with a tool that simplifies their extraction like Parsio or Export Emails to Sheets. As the name suggests, the solution not only extracts them, but also exports them to Google Sheets in an instant. This is completely free.

Use data from emails

The extension designed by cloudHQ is available on Google Chrome only. Once installed, just select the emails you want to export to Google Sheets and right click. You must then click on “Save in a spreadsheet”. It’s up to you to choose the spreadsheet where you want to save your data. It is possible to export them to a new sheet. You just have to name it.

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leaf illustration email

Image: Emails to Sheets.

leaf illustration email

Image: Emails to Sheets.

All the information is then available there. They are automatically classified: sender, recipient, subject, date on which the e-mail was sent, attachments, excerpt, telephone number… The tool even provides a copy of each message in PDF form.

Also, it is possible to regularly download all your e-mails by clicking on the icon representing a spreadsheet, present between the “Refresh” and “More” buttons on Gmail. You are then redirected to one of the cloudHQ pages. You must select “Save e-mail messages” and the download will be done automatically. You can also automate the download of certain information only.

A few one-click solutions are also offered, especially for uploading invoices. The tool detects each of them in your email service and extracts the information you want. Similar options are available for orders, customer service issues, and job search platforms.

In sum, the Export Emails to Sheets extension simplifies the tedious work of exporting and managing data. It saves valuable time on a daily basis.

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