This broom vacuum cleaner is a hit at Samsung, crack now!

On Samsung, the BESPOKE Jet Pet broom vacuum cleaner currently has an exceptional offer. Indeed, 200 euros discount is offered on this vacuum cleaner, available for less than 700 euros.

Samsung is a brand known for its smartphones and televisions, but the Korean company also offers household appliances. At the end of the year, many promotional offers are available on the Samsung Shop, including one on the BESPOKE Jet Pet stick vacuum cleaner. Displayed at 899 euros, it is offered for a limited time at only 699 euros. In addition, until December 31, enjoy 80 euros refunded for the purchase of this product. Finally, the vacuum cleaner costs only 619 euros.

By ordering on the Samsung Shop, you benefit from free delivery from 48 hours and payment facilities in 3 or 4 instalments. And if you fall for other household appliances, know that there is 5% immediate discount for the purchase of two products, 10% for the purchase of 3 products and 15% for the purchase of 4 products and more .

Reduced price on the stick vacuum cleaner signed Samsung

The Samsung BESPOKE Jet Pet stick vacuum cleaner offers a complete and extremely powerful cleaning. Thanks to the Samsung Digital Inverter motor, a suction power of up to 210 AW is emitted. The 99.999% multi-layer filtration system traps 99.999% of dust and reduces allergens related to pet hair. This vacuum cleaner incorporates the Clean Station which effectively empties the tank of dust and animal hair using Air Pulse technology. This vacuum cleaner is light, it weighs only 1.44 kilograms, which is 24% less than traditional Samsung vacuum cleaners. Thanks to the high capacity 2500 mA battery, suction is maintained for up to 1 hour. The LCD digital screen of the Samsung BESPOKE Jet Pet makes it easy to check the suction power, the remaining autonomy or even potential errors. For a limited time, the BESPOKE Jet Pet stick vacuum cleaner from Samsung is sold at only 699 euros.

See the offer on the Samsung vacuum cleaner

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