This 90-year-old received almost 27,000 Christmas cards this year

An outpouring of unparalleled love and grace. Grandfather George, a 95-year-old American, received nearly 27,000 greeting cards during the Christmas period this year, RTL reports.

This is a recording but it has been several years since the withdrawal has seen its mail increase at this time. In 2013, the American lost his wife, who loved Christmas. To help her get through the end-of-year holidays after her death, her daughter had the idea of ​​asking people around her to send a little thought to her father for Christmas.

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After some good years, the nonagenarian only received 13 letters in 2021. His daughter then made her usual call earlier in 2022, just after Thanksgiving. This time around, the call was widely shared with more than 175,000 shares on Facebook and extensive coverage in US media.

Result: as of December 24, no less than 26,778 letters had arrived at their destination. People from all over the world, as far away as Australia and Sweden, sent a card to the American widower. The latter has even received gifts from the White House, the United States Navy, the mayor and the governor of the state in which he lives.

“We did not expect our appeal to reach so many countries and places,” called the retiree’s daughter, very moved by this outpouring of generosity. ” [Mon père] is very enthusiastic. When the postman comes, he dives straight into the new box of cards. »

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