These words that form the galaxy of Apple product names

The names of Apple software, hardware, services, accessories form a vast galaxy. There are some stars that shine brighter than others. That of the “i” for example, around which gravitate the iMovie, iLife, iBeacon or iCal. Or that of the “Pro”, with the Mac Pro, Logic Pro, iPhone Pro Max…

And then there are still dwarf stars, that of the “Ultra” which has not yet provided many planets in its orbit, apart from the Apple Watch, or that of the “Plus” which is developing thanks to the ‘iPhone 14 Plus, Fitness+, iCloud+, etc.

All this universe of Apple product names and especially the words that compose them are presented in a visual form thanks to the work of Nicolas Kruchten (it is more practical to consult it from your computer). You click on the nodes and then the associated names pop up.

We quickly see the most popular prefixes and this is an opportunity to go back to the early days of this universe, when we come across the old planets that were MacTCP, QuickDraw or LocalTalk and which have now disappeared into the ether.


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