The three brands that Tesla must fear in 2023

Tesla has just officially launched its electric truck, thus expanding the range of electric vehicles from the firm of Elon Musk. It is undeniable that Tesla is the leader of this growing market, but it is not alone in wanting to seize it. If on the one hand we have German premium brands like BMW and Mercedes launching full ranges of electric vehicles, the real danger for Tesla is other little-known manufacturers.

governments around the world are trying to tackle climate change. Thus, the demand for electric vehicles continues to increase. It’s time to consider the other manufacturers coming from China that are NIO, BYD and XPENG who are stepping up their presence and have communicated impressive delivery figures

NIO, the Chinese manufacturer

NIO is a Chinese car manufacturer founded in 2014. It first became known through its participation in Formula and the presentation of its fully electric supercar, the NIO EP9.

The Chinese brand only appeared in the eyes of the general public in 2017 when it launched its first electric vehicle, a 7-seater SUV, the ES8. In the following years, NIO launched its other SUV ES7 (EL7 for the European market), its EC6 coupé, then its ET5 and ET7 sedans. Despite a rocky, if not disappointing, start, NIO managed to achieve record numbers by the start of 2021.

Its arrival in Europe began with a conclusive test in Norway since May 2021. In October 2022, the Chinese brand formalized its launch in the rest of Europe, whose main target countries are Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

For the European market, NIO will market its two sedans ET5 and ET7 as well as its electric SUV EL7.

As a reminder, mercedes has partnered with NIO to develop its own electric vehicles.

Build Your Dream (BYD)

BYD is another Chinese manufacturer known in the manufacture of thermal vehicles and which, in recent years, has also launched its range of electric vehicles. the Chinese manufacturer has never been able to compete with European, Japanese or even Korean manufacturers, but this may change with electric vehicles.

BYD launches in Europe with three new electric vehicles with an entry-level price of €38,000. Like NIO, its target markets are Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium. It is then an open war against the new players and Tesla already present in these regions. In fact, BYD recently signed with sixth (the vehicle rental company) a loan of 100,000 vehicles to expand the catalog of the latter.

The three vehicles offered by BYD are: the Han sedan at €72,000the Tang SUV at €72,000 and the ATTO 3 SUV at €38,000. The spearhead of the Chinese manufacturer is also this small SUV which is based on an in-house platform called e-platform 3.0. The Atto 3 has a 152 kW (206 hp) electric motor and has a range of 420 km (WLTP cycles).

It is possible to order these vehicles in France from the end of this year 2022.


Another big name from the middle empire attacks Tesla frontally. Like its previously presented colleagues, XPENG led to its successful entry into European territory in Norway. It is now targeting the same segments as its competitors.

The vehicles that Xpeng presents in Europe are its bestsellers. it’s about the P7 premium sedan positioning itself between the Tesla Model 3 and the Model S, as well as the small G3i SUV.

Just like Tesla, the vehicles of Xpeng come with very advanced technologies, such as autonomous driving, similar to that of Tesla, announced in September

The market for electric vehicles is growing. Tesla is the leader in Europe and the United States. Nevertheless, the leaders of the Asian and Chinese markets point the tip of their nose. These brands, including NIO, BYD and Xpeng are the representatives. They offer vehicles to highly competitive prices with o’ssimilar or even superior options, technologies and finishes. This is good news for consumers who will have a wider choice at better prices.

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