The Tesla truck in lack of autonomy?

A few days ago, Elon Musk, the whimsical boss of Tesla, announced with great fanfare that his new truck, the Semi, could travel 804 km without stopping to recharge while towing a 37-tonne trailer. We learn today that the first customer, Fito Lay (which belongs to Pepsi) will limit its delivery routes to… 160 km! The only long journeys (about 680 km) will be made with very light loads of crisps.

Caution or lie?

So, is it just caution, or would the Tesla Semi lack autonomy? Pepsi claims that the truck retains 20% of its electric range after the 680 km traveled while transporting chips, which seems a bit low to do 800 km with 37 tons of cargo as Elon Musk announces…


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