the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is cheaper with this bonus resume!

Do you want a high-end 5G-compatible smartphone? Get the Galaxy Z Fold4 at Free with a €100 bonus to add to the usual trade-in bonuses! To take advantage of the performance of this little gem, we recommend the Free 5G 210 GB plan.

Galaxy Z Fold4, the foldable smartphone that everyone is snapping up

Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphones are on the rise and that’s understandable. The Galaxy Z Fold4 excels in photography with its 50 Mpx wide-angle module and its powerful telephoto lens. Above all, it has one of the most powerful processors of the moment! Associated with 12 GB of RAM and a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, it can only be at the top for all demanding professional applications.

Its autonomy being good in single screen mode and correct in dual screen mode, it is an ideal choice when you like to play video games, read or watch series and videos on YouTube without interruption on your smartphone.

Galaxy Z Fold4 cheaper with bonus picks up extra €100

Free offers you a €100 trade-in bonus for the purchase of the Z Fold4 ! Samsung’s flagship smartphone is offered at €1,799 in cash or in financing over several months with Free Flex, i.e. €1,099 when ordering then €24.99/month for 24 months. When the 24 months are issued, you can exercise the purchase option of €100, which is the same price as the paid purchase.

Where you can make great savings on your smartphone is by combining two trade-in offers, for example:

The Free 5G 210 GB package to accompany your Galaxy Z Fold4

For such a smartphone, the ideal plan is the Free 5G plan with 210 GB of internet in 5G/4G. It gives access to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, interesting options in terms of data/calls from abroad as well as the free Free Ligue 1 application. Are you a Freebox Pop subscriber? It’s your lucky day, the Free 5G plan is even cheaper: only €9.99/month !

If 5G is not yet deployed in your home, it will be soon. In the meantime, you can always opt for the 110 GB Free Series plan at €14.99/month, which will turn into a 5G plan at €19.99/month after one year. Here again, calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited and the package benefits from the Free Ligue 1 application.

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