The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro with Galaxy Buds 2 at the lowest price at Darty!

Treat yourself to celebrate the end of this year thanks to Darty! The brand is currently offering you a pack with a Galaxy Watch5 Pro and Galaxy Buds 2 at a low price. Find out below how to take advantage of -150€ reduction and 70€ refund on the connected watch and wireless earphones.

Are you looking for a last minute gift before the end of the year? You just want to have fun? Good news: at Darty, good deals are multiplying and allow you to save substantial sums while taking advantage of high-end high-tech devices.

Among all the offers, we found a very interesting pack containing a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Galaxy Buds 2. For a few days at Darty, the connected watch and wireless headphones are available with a reduction of -150€!

You can get the pack for only €469.99 instead of €619.99. And that’s not all.

As a bonus, Darty also offers you:

  • 4 months of subscription offered for Deezer Premium or Family (your choice)
  • A refund of €70 after sending a file from the Samsung site.

In the end, the pack comes back to you for only €399.99 and you save a total of €220!

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro: a strong competitor for the Apple Watch

On a Galaxy Watch5 Pro tested last September and our conclusion was clear: with an average of 4.5/5, it is clearly one of the best connected watches on the market today.

On its technical sheet, we find in particular:

  • A 1.36″ Super AMOLED screen
  • Water resistance up to 50m
  • 1.5GB SSD storage
  • An Exynos W920 processor

Clearly high-end, this watch offers great autonomy with fluid and responsive navigation. Its functions are numerous and you will find what you are looking for whether you are looking for services around sport or health. On the design side, it is also flawless. It is light and elegant and offers several models of interchangeable straps with customizable dials.

To learn more about this watch, go to our full review of the Galaxy Watch5 Pro.

In this pack, Darty also offers you Galaxy Buds 2 with very good passive isolation, fast wired charging, quality design and excellent active noise reduction.

For more on wireless headphones, head over to our full Galaxy Buds 2 review.

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