The Samsung Galaxy S22 takes advantage of an insane offer a few days before Christmas

It’s an exceptional smartphone, and it comes at an exceptional price: head to Rakuten to grab the Samsung Galaxy S22 at a bargain price, just in time for Christmas.

The Galaxy S22’s stunning display measures 6.1 inches, and boasts a 120Hz refresh rate, for displaying videos at high frame rates. It also has Vision Booster technology, which adjusts the brightness of the screen to ambient lighting, to create optimal reading conditions.

With 5G connectivity and a powerful 4 nanometer processor, Samsung’s S22 is a gem of phone technology, supporting you in everything you do. The phone’s triple lens helps to take sharp and bright photos even in the dark. Finally, it has a stabilization video that works perfectly, even in the most extreme conditions. With 128 GB of storage and an elegant green color, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is offered at only 587.77 euros at Rakuten.

At this price at Rakuten, you’ll find it hard to resist the appeal of the Samsung Galaxy S22!

In addition to being displayed at an advantageous and affordable price, the Samsung Galaxy S22 benefits from some additional promotional advantages at Rakuten. The brand reimburses you 10% on the amount of your purchase, which you can also pay in several monthly installments. The third-party seller liuweifenstore, rated 4.7 out of 5 on the Rakuten marketplace, also offers you an additional 10 euros reduction, thanks to the promo code LIU10180, to be entered at the time of your order. ClubR members, for their part, received 47.02 euros in loyalty bonus for the purchase of this smartphone. Finally, delivery is 100% free! So many reasons that make the Samsung Galaxy S22 even more essential, and an essential gift to slip under the Christmas tree.

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