the Samsung Galaxy S22 at a great price at Bouygues Telecom!

There’s still time to take advantage of the good end-of-year deals to get the smartphone of your dreams without breaking the bank. The Bouygues Telecom Christmas Market continues until 03/01 (inclusive), with offers that you are not ready to see again anytime soon. For fans of Samsung’s high-end smartphones, for example, the operator is making the Galaxy S22 more accessible than ever, thanks to a shower of discounts, bonuses, advantages and various facilities.

Two huge discounts thanks to a Bouygues Telecom mobile plan

For this Christmas, it’s Bouygues Telecom who enjoys it. The operator gives you a automatic reduction of €348 on the purchase of your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G (128 Go). The only condition to benefit from it? Choose a 200 GB Smartphone Benefits package when purchasing your new device. But that’s not all ! Another immediate discount of 150 € also automatically applies to your order. In total, this represents almost €500 direct discount which are applied to the recommended retail price of your Galaxy S22 (779 €).

Pay for your Samsung Galaxy S22 in 36 instalments!

After these two discounts, you normally only have to pay €281 to get your new high-end smartphone. But there too, there is a way to arrange! In partnership with Younited Credit, Bouygues Telecom offers you the possibility of benefiting from a 0% financing for a payment in 36 monthly installments. Thanks to this financing plan, you only pay €81 on purchase + €7.78/month for the following 36 months.

An ODR of €80 to complete the loop?

You thought it was over? Well no, there are still some! Once your online purchase is completed, you will receive by email a coupon with instructions to benefit from an 80 € refund offer! Finally, your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G (128 GB) therefore costs you only €1 + €7.78/month for 36 months !


The 200 GB Smartphone Benefits plan

The Bouygues Telecom mobile plan thanks to which all this is possible is automatically activated on your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G and entitles you each month to:

  • 200 GB in 4G/4G+, 100 GB of which can be used in Europe (Switzerland and Andorra included) and in the overseas departments, but also in the United States, Canada and China during your short stays;
  • Unlimited for your calls and SMS in mainland Francebut also from Europe (Switzerland and Andorra included) and overseas departments when you are in these areas;
  • Unlimited for your calls to landlines in 120 destinationsas well as for calls to landlines and mobiles in Europe, the United States, China and Canada

Bouygues Telecom also provides you with a second Internet SIM card with which you can simultaneously use your package on a connected watch or tablet, for example.

The price of this 200 GB package with Smartphones Advantages? €24.99/month for 12 months, then €44.99/month, with a 24-month contract.

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