The roadmap for the next Pixel smartphones has leaked

Google’s plans for the next three years. Confidential data – and which should remain so – on the tech giant’s plans until 2025 have recently been revealed, reports the site Les Numériques.

According to Android Authority, which relayed the information first, the leaked documents turned out to be from a “trustworthy” source. They detail Google’s plans for its smartphones in the Pixel range in 2023, 2024 and 2025 as well as the strategic developments already imagined.

Pro and foldable smartphones

For next year, we can thus expect to see the birth of the Pixel 7a (or Lynx) which would be sold for 649 euros in France, as well as a foldable version called Fold (or Felix) which will cost around 1,700 euros. At the end of 2023, Google plans to release a Pixel 8 and a Pixel 8 Pro, both of which will receive a new chip, Capital specifies.

The year 2024 will be that of the successors of these models with three Pixel 9 smartphones, including a Pro version and a version mysteriously called “Caiman” which, according to the document, is intended to compete with the iPhone Pro. For 2025, the projects are still unclear but Google plans to work twice as hard on foldable smartphones, a buoyant branch of the market.

The documents evoke several possible scenarios and many projects, some of which will probably not see the light of day. After reading this roadmap, nothing is certain, especially since this leak will certainly lead the firm to review its copy to be less predictable over the next three years.

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