The Pixel Tablet is unveiled ahead of Facebook Marketplace

The upcoming arrival of a Pixel Tablet is no longer a secret. During Google I/O 2022, the web giant gave us a first glimpse of this future iPad competitor, the official release date of which we still do not know. And although it is not yet commercially available, the Pixel Tablet is already found for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

The first unofficial images of the tablet

spotted by Twitter account ShrimpApplePro, this announcement contains the first unofficial photos of Google’s future slate. We can see the Pixel Tablet accompanied by its dock which transforms it into an ersatz Nest Hub. The general interface that we can see does not reveal anything revolutionary. Virtual desktops resemble what is done on the smartphone version of Android, with the presence of a persistent dock containing shortcuts to a handful of applications.

Question technical characteristics, we can see that the tablet promises approximately 16 hours of autonomy with 70% of battery, that is to say an honest endurance. The model on sale contains 256 GB of storage with 22 GB automatically occupied by the operating system. On the lower edge of the tablet, we guess the USB-C port surrounded by two speaker grilles. Finally, the borders around the screen seem rather generous and leave space at the top for a photo module designed for video. The hub, meanwhile, appears to be powered by a similar charger to the Nest Hub.

Endless Leaks

Perhaps the most surprising feature is the simple little Google logo glued to the back of the hub. Prototype Pixel devices normally sport a fake logo in order to cover their tracks. If the listing is not a dubious montage, it could therefore be that the seller has got his hands on a quasi-final product; which could indicate an imminent release date.

This is strangely not the first time that a Google product is found on the Facebook Marketplace. The Pixel 6a and Pixel 7 had also gone on sale on Facebook a few weeks before their releases.

The Pixel Tablet ad lists the device and its dock at $400.

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