the operator offers you three smartphones for just €1!

Christmas is approaching and SFR continues to play Santa Claus. Today, the operator in the red square highlights three smartphones for only €1. So which one are you going to fall for: the iPhone 14? the Samsung Galaxy S22? or the Oppo Reno 8 5G?

The iPhone 14 at 1€ for purchase at SFR

Good deal alert for Apple fans! The iPhone 14 is displayed at a total price mad for the holidays at SFR! The latest Apple smartphone is indeed €1 to purchase. How is such a price possible for a smartphone of this quality? Thanks to a ease of payment and the 150 GB 5G plan.

Thus, you will pay €1 for your iPhone 14, then you will pay €22.50/month for 24 months. At the same time, you will need to subscribe to the 150 GB 5G package from SFR which is at €30/month for 12 months then €45/month.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 at €1 with the 150 GB 5G package

Are you more Samsung? No worries since SFR has set up a great promo on the latest Galaxy S22. This latest generation mobile is also €1 for purchase. To get it, just like the iPhone 14, you will pay 24 monthly installments of €8 and you will have to subscribe to the SFR 150 GB 5G mobile plan at €30/month.

The Oppo Reno 85G at 1€ +5€/month

Last €1 smartphone from SFR: the Oppo Reno 8 5G. Once again, the €1 rate is possible via a 24-month payment facility. The amount for the Oppo Reno 8 5G is less significant since it is only €5/month. Here too, the offer is possible subject to subscribing to the 150 GB 5G package from SFR.

See the €1 smartphones at SFR

SFR’s 5G 150 GB plan in detail

To get one of these three €1 smartphones, you must subscribe to the SFR 5G 150 GB package. This SFR subscription includes:

  • 150 GB of mobile internet in 4G and 5G in metropolitan France
  • Unlimited calls, unlimited SMS & MMS from France to all landlines and mobiles in mainland France and overseas departments
  • 100 GB of mobile internet from Europe, the French overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra
  • Unlimited calls, unlimited SMS & MMS from Europe, overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra

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