The next MacBook Air is leaking thanks to Steam! Apple didn’t expect this

Good deal news The next MacBook Air is leaking thanks to Steam! Apple didn’t expect this

Two new Apple MacBook products for next year? That’s what seems to be the case thanks to a Steam data leak…

Steam unveils two mysterious Apple MacBooks

Like every month, Steam collects data from the computers of many players around the world to better understand the hardware and software that the public uses. Of course, nothing is done without your knowledge, the survey being totally optional. In addition, it should be noted that the survey is completely anonymous, which is a very good point.

The purpose of these surveys: to help Steam make decisions about investments to make and products to offer.

We can see for example the market share of Intel and AMD processors among gamers, with a clear predominance of Intel which is present at 66.65% of users. This is also an opportunity to see the manufacturer’s graphics card usage preferences, where Nvidia dominates with 75.69%, followed by AMD with 15.15%, Intel with 8.94% and finally a small 0.22% for the rest.

The number of cores per computer, the use of the different versions of Direct X, which VR headset is most present and the use of the different MAC computers… In short, there is enough to dive into for long hours.

And some have managed to find some crisp information on future Apple MacBooks! Indeed, two unknown computers from the Apple brand have connected to the Steam game store and they have not yet been identified in commerce: Mac 14.6 and 15.4.

Two new MacBooks announced next year at Apple?

The occurrences of these machines in the data are very low, 0.00% of all Macs that have logged into Steam and that makes total sense, considering these must be test machines that may be even still in the premises of Apple.

One of them, the MacBook 14.6 had already been detected on Geekbench and was equipped with a brand new M2 Max chip with quite interesting performance, without being transcendent and requiring to switch to it as soon as they were released. With a little luck, the beginning of next year should allow us to discover it in a new MacBook Pro.

On the other hand, the presence of a Mac15.4 is really interesting news which would probably confirm the presence of another MacBook in future arrivals at Apple! Quite logically, we can estimate that it will be a device equipped with an M2 Pro or M2 Max chip and there is a chance that it will appear on the catalog of the Cupertino brand at the same time as the Mac 14.6.

In short, next year promises to be really interesting on the side of Apple!

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