The Miss and Mister agri 2023 seniors/juniors, and their dolphins

“You have been more than 7 million to follow the page, nearly 300,000 likes have been distributed to candidates, there have been thousands of shares and nearly a hundred articles in the media !!, is prospering Emilie Marinorganizer with Alexia du Miss and Mister agri contestof which Terre-net is a partner, created almost 10 years ago on Facebook to communicate positively about agriculture and highlight those who do it on a daily basis.

325 candidates, 300,000 likes, 7 million followers!

This year, 325 applications were posted: 129 for the title of #Miss agri 2023102 pour #Mister agri 202356 and 38 respectively for Miss agri and Mister agri junior “All the candidates have invested a lot in making their profession and their way of working known, suppressing the fact that they are professionals and claiming it: they have already been in animal welfare for a long time and are giving themselves the means to become ever more efficient. . Above all, they apply professions of passion, professions that nourish, essential professions, ”she highlights.

Promote professions of passion, essential.C

Competitors and jury very involved

“Thank you also to the members of the jury, who were 100% involved. They took their role very seriously and went to search the profiles of the candidates. They sometimes had a heavy heart to have to make choices. There will inevitably be some people disappointed, but you won’t be sad because you will participate every day in reinforcing the values ​​of French agriculture of excellence”, she adds on the Facebook page Election Miss and Mister France Agricole.

Here are the senior and junior Misses and Misters, with their dolphins and dolphins, unveiled throughout the Miss France ceremony, a wink!

Miss agri category (> 18 years old)

Miss Agri: Pauline, 31, winemaker (Gard)

“I am a winegrower and I am proud of it! My job is my passion and it was my father who passed it on to me from a very young age. This is why after having finished my oenology studies and traveled to enrich my knowledge thanks to various foreign cultures, it is quite naturally that I took up the torch of the family business “Domaine de Vallaurie” in a private cellar, says Pauline on the Facebook page Election Miss and Mister France Agricole. Much more than a job, I consider it a life, working my vines on foot or on my tractor, then vinifying my vintages and marketing them. »

What assets allowed her to be the new Miss Agri? “My versatility and my taste for innovation! Installed for eight years, I created my cuvées and started the organic conversion of the farm. My wish is to show that we can evaluate on a daily basis with a few adaptations that will encourage people to produce and buy locally in order to value the work of all the farmers. Let’s keep our ambition to preserve our French excellence! »

1st runner-up: Ophelia (Aube)

1st runner up miss agri 2023

2nd runner-up: Océane (Gard)

2nd runner-up miss agri 2023

3rd runner-up: Elsa (Brittany)

3rd runner up miss agri 2023

Category Mister agri (> 18 years old)

Mr Agri : Tony, 21 years old, employee in dairy farming (Loire-Atlantique)


Tony is 21 years old and lives near Pornic. He details his background: “I don’t come from an agricultural background, but I’ve always been passionate about dairy production. I did a CGEA pro baccalaureate, then a BTS Acse in apprenticeship and finally a CS milk in apprenticeship as well. Responsible for a dairy herd in salaried employment for three years, I am in the process of setting up on a mixed crop-livestock farm. His expectations for the competition: “To show that there are still young people motivated to set up in agriculture even with the economic situation! »

1st runner-up: Lucas (Oise)

1st dolphin mr agri 2023

2nd runner-up: Andy (Vendée)

2 nd runner up mr agri 2023

3rd runner-up: Antoine (Loiret)

3rd dauphin mr agri 2023

Miss agri junior category (15-17 years old)

Miss agro junior : Léonie, 16 years old, Bac pro CGEA (Puy-de-Dôme)


“My mum is a farmer, she raises broiler poultry and suckler cows of the Aubrac breed. I would like to settle down with her or take over another farm,” says Léonie. She wanted to take part because “behind every farm hides a woman who is too often invisible, and nothing is possible! Together, let’s bring these women out of the shadows. »

1st runner-up: Lise (Haute-Vienne)

1st runner up miss agri junior 2023

2nd runner-up: Violette (Seine-Maritime)

2nd runner up miss agri junior 2023

3rd runner-up: Océane (Seine-et-Marne)

3rd runner up miss agri junior 2023

Category Mister agri junior (15-17 years old)

Mr junior agri: Enzo, 17 years old, BTS EGEA (Lorraine)

mr agri junior 2023

Subsequently, Enzo plans to do a BTS Acse and then settle down. He explains: “Being born in this environment, I am passionate about animals and agricultural equipment. This job is not just a job like any other but a real passion. I particularly like it because we work with the seasons while being close to our animals. The regular change of activities also allows me to discover more things. Usually it’s heifers that I present at the show, but this year it’s me! My goal is to spread the importance of agriculture in the world as much as possible and to share my passion. »

1st runner-up: Raphaël (Gard)

1st dolphin mr agri junior 2023

2nd runner-up: Louis (Deux-Sèvres)

2nd dolphin mr agri junior 2023

3rd runner-up: Noé (Puy-de-Dôme)

3rd runner up mr agri junior

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