The ISIE does not distinguish between media and Facebook page!

The ISIE is currently in the midst of turmoil following the publication of the latest issue of the JORT in which one can consult the decision to bring numerous “Facebook pages” to justice on the background of their activity during the elections.

Except that for the electoral body, media were taken for Facebook pages such as the associative media Al-Qatiba and the private media Al-Arabi Al-Jadid.

Indeed, the complaints, filed with the Tunis Court of First Instance, relate to the number of offenses retained during the campaign relating to the July 2022 referendum, such as insults, defamation, political advertising, or even foreign funding and the spread of intox.

Except that according to the JORT, we can read that the owner of the “Al-Qatiba page” was also brought to justice, or we are talking about an investigative media and not a simple Facebook page.

On his page the founder of the media in question Walid Mejri took the floor to denounce this decision which is legally unfounded according to him. He who recalls that his media employs more than 20 journalists denounces the actions of the electoral body and says he fears for freedom of expression.


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