the intelligent Google Earth that models our cities with precision

Uzufly is a start-up located in Switzerland founded by Romain Kirchhoff and Théo Benazzi. The company’s mission is to revolutionize the urban planning and construction industry.

Google Earth uses airplanes to map the world, Uzufly, on the other hand, uses drones with smaller, more precise cameras capable of generating 3D models of a neighborhood or an entire city.

The tool makes it possible, for example, to survey certain areas in order to optimize the placement of solar panels. Or just create perfect maps of land parcels, urban amenities structures and many more.

According to Romain Kirchhoff:

It also helped city planners understand how a new building would fit into a given neighborhood. With our system, designers have a good idea of ​​spaces, much better than they can drive stakes into the ground. This facilitates urban planning and improves decision making.

Even video game developers are required by the technology developed by Uzufly. The development of the modeling of existing buildings takes a lot of time. Kirchhoff explains:

With our system, developers could create a version of Assassin’s Creed set right here in Lausanne, for example.

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