the front camera is going to undergo a major change

For the first time in a long time, the “Ultra” version of the next Galaxy S might not have a better camera before the “Classic” version and the “Plus” version. A controversial choice for the Galaxy S23 Ultra which fortunately has other advantages to claim.

Samsung would have chosen to put all its Galaxy S23 on an equal footing in terms of the definition of its front camera module. A setback for the “Ultra” model, but that will not result in lower image quality. Explanations.

Important change for the front camera

Several months ago, we were glad that Samsung stopped recycling the Galaxy S10’s selfie camera. Indeed, the latter were equipped with a 10-megapixel module that was then found on the Galaxy S20, S21 and S22. Only the “Ultra” models then benefited from a better defined 40-megapixel module. For its entire S23 range, Samsung could review its copy.

Indeed, rather than offering 10 or 40 megapixel modules depending on the model, the Korean brand would put everyone in the same boat by offering a 12 megapixel module for its Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra. While that doesn’t sound in favor of the ‘Ultra’ model, it’s important to remember that the name megapixels doesn’t necessarily make an image quality.

Manufacturers often use this as a marketing ploy, but phones like the Google Pixel 6a have shown that great photos can be produced with a 12-megapixel main module and lots of software processing. This year, for example, Samsung proved with its Galaxy Z Flip 4 that it was possible to improve night shots without affecting the definition of the camera modules.

We currently have no additional details regarding the technical characteristics of this new front camera, but a few weeks before the presentation of the Galaxy S23, new information must have “leaked”.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra very well equipped on the photo side

If the design of the Galaxy S23 Ultra should not change much compared to that of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the rear camera block should see some changes. Thus, the S23 Ultra would be equipped with a main wide-angle camera module of 200 megapixels, against 108 megapixels for the S22 Ultra.

Add to that changes that should be enabled in terms of pixel size and/or lens aperture, and the photo quality of Samsung’s next flagship should go up a notch. The processing software will also play a key role in the final rendering that will be able to produce the smartphone. A first photo taken with the S23 Ultra already shows the significant gain provided by the definition of 200 megapixels.

However, this definition is very likely to appear as an option in the settings. In fact, smartphones now almost all use the “pixel binning” method, which combines pixels to produce a photo with the lowest definition, but offers a better final rendering. The S23 could for example take default shots of 12.5 Mpx which would benefit from a “pixel binning” combining 16 photos in 1.

As we do not change a winning team, Samsung should also renew its 10 megapixel telephoto module capable of making an impressive zoom, as we pointed out in our Galaxy S22 Ultra test.

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