The excellent The Frame TV is taking advantage of a crazy offer and it’s happening on the Samsung Shop

Already very popular with its proposed range of televisions, Samsung propels The Frame TV into another dimension, combining television quality and pictorial art.

Usually sold at 1,299 euros for the 43-inch model, Samsung invites you to purchase The Frame QLED TV directly from its official website at only 1,099 euros. For any purchase made by January 10, 2023, the sum of an additional 100 euros will be refunded to you on the purchase of the product.

Ultra-thin, The Frame TV is designed like a painting. Also, you benefit from a frame offered in the color of your choice as well as the installation of your television if you buy it by December 31st. When your The Frame television is on standby, it turns into a magnificent master painting and you benefit from the Art Store subscription offered for 2 months to showcase it.

This TV is a pictorial masterpiece!

If The Frame television is delivered with adjustable feet, it takes all its interest by being fixed to the wall using its ultra-thin wall bracket delivered with your screen, which gives it the appearance of a painting. You also have the option of rotating the TV 90° to take advantage of a canvas height.

Its processing has perfectly succeeded in a billion colors with 4K resolution, all orchestrated by the Samsung Quantum Processor microprocessor which embeds artificial intelligence. The sound quality is not to be outdone with the Object Tracking Sound system compatible with Dolby Atmos which adapts perfectly to the movements of the image and transmits the sound to a set of speakers placed all around the television.

Definitely unique, take advantage of the Samsung The Frame TV, offered with its many options offered and its accumulation of discounts.

Click here to take advantage of the Samsung offer on The Frame 43-inch TV

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