the collaborative whiteboard arrives on iOS 16.2

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New with iOS 16.2! With its recent update, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system includes a brand new productivity and/or creativity application: Apple Freeform. Available on iPhone, iPad, and of course iMac and MacBook, Freeform is a native collaboration app. Presentation.

New in iOS 16.2

Up to 100 people simultaneouslyphoto credit – Apple

Available since Tuesday, December 13, 2022, the iOS update brings some small new features to the operating system and its software. The iOS 16.2 version (not forgetting iPadOS 16.2) introduced for example the Music Sing function to Apple Music. Enough to transform the app into a real karaoke, thanks to the scrolling of the lyrics on the one hand, but also and above all by lowering the volume of the voice track of a piece. Karaoke obliges, the lyrics displayed on the screen are dynamic, and the words are highlighted (syllable by syllable) to the rhythm of the music. A function compatible with nearly 10 million (for now) of the more than 100 million titles available on the platform. New also with end-to-end encrypted iCloud backups, to strengthen the security and confidentiality of user data. Encryption is however only available in the US for now. Fixed security flaws and quick access to the sleep widget with recent data are also new features.

Apple Freeform: visual brainstorming

apple free form

The ability to participate via FaceTime or Messagesphoto credit – Apple

Another notable novelty therefore, Apple Freeform has joined the native applications of iOS and iPad OS with this version 16.2. It is quite simply a virtual whiteboard, allowing collaborative and creative work thanks to the shared and simultaneous contribution of the different users of a group or team. Users can thus “classify and visually arrange content within an open space, offering them the possibility of consulting, sharing, and using from a single place without constraints of format or page size”. Like Notes and other apps connected to iCloud, Freeform is synchronized between different devices and platforms. You can therefore participate in a table from your iPhone and follow up on your iPad, for example. Shapes, sketches, markups, handwritten/text notes can be added, as can documents, images, URL links and just about anything you want. In addition to the whiteboard, Apple Freeform allows users to communicate and exchange via FaceTime and Messages, always simultaneously. Finally, the Apple collaborative whiteboard can accommodate up to 100 people in the same collaborative session.

to summarize

Discover Apple Freeform, with our complete presentation and images of the new collaborative visual application offered by Apple with the latest iOS 16.2 update. A shared whiteboard that should quickly find its way into classrooms.

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