the big recap of the news of the firm in 2022

1 – New ever more powerful iPhones

To begin to dive back into the last twelve months of Apple, we must of course talk about the new iPhones. In 2022, these are five in number: first of all the third generation iPhone SE, released in March and which turns out to be the cheapest of all the models. Then the iPhone 14 / iPhone 14 Plus / iPhone 14 Pro / iPhone 14 Pro Max quartet arrived, unsurprisingly, in September.

In the end, not much new under the hood this year, especially since the iPhone 13 Pro chip has been reused. On the other hand, the notch has disappeared on the iPhone 14 Pro and it is a much-awaited small revolution. Apple will have succeeded in taking up the challenge brilliantly and proposing instead a stunning dynamic island who comes alive with Live Activities or charging. Critically acclaimed, the feature goes hand in hand with iOS 16, the new additions to which make our pumped mobiles safer than ever for everyone.


In the background, the press has also confirmed that iPhones are now increasingly made or from china. The fault of various factors, including the growl of Foxconn employees in the face of their working conditions, latecomers linked to the coronavirus pandemic or even the tense geopolitical situation with Taiwan.

2 – EarPods and iPod touch: the end of an era

If it is the new products that have mainly made the headlines in 2022, it is also good to note that others have bowed out. Starting with the famous iPod, whose last model still published, namely the iPod touch, has finally left the shelves of the Apple Store after three years of good and loyal service for the seventh generation.

With this, on the audio side, purists will also notice theabsence of EarPods in the box from their iPhone. Apple’s wired headphones are certainly still available for separate purchase, but your mobile will have to do without them when ordering. Without a jack and without a charger either, and perhaps even soon without Lightning.


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Still on the accessories side, Apple also took advantage of 2022 to unveil the second generation of AirPods Pro. Few changes again, but the pair has the advantage of being more enduring than before.

3 – Always more services and always more income

Beyond the products, it is also the services that have made Apple shine this year. As we know, this offer is now proving to be the second vector of income for the Apple firm and this was clearly felt in 2022. Already, with AppleTV+, which has produced multiple original productions over the quarters. But also with Apple Music or Apple Arcade, which has just passed the symbolic milestone of two hundred games to test at home.

Only downside, and not the least: you now have to pay more to take advantage of all these packages. The individual Apple Music offer thus goes from 9.99 euros per month to 10.99 euros per month. And for Apple TV +, it will be +2 euros, which is not negligible when you know that inflation has already lowered the purchasing power of the French this year.

To finish with the services, the most picky will also remember the deployment of the Apple Maps version 2, much less chaotic than the very first one. But all these advances have a certain cost: that of your personal data. Indeed, Apple has started to display more targeted advertisements within the interface of its services. And this is only the beginning, since the final objective is to offer advertisers a tailor-made campaign program capable of overshadowing Facebook (Meta) or Adwords (Google).

Apple plans

4 – WWDC: the spotlight on Macs

In June, we will also remember the Worldwide Developer Conference which sees the return of the announcement of new products for the first time since 2019. And what is more, the computer presented this summer has it in spades since it is is new MacBook Air with M2 chip. What’s so special? Its design: finished the iconic plunging format that made the success of the range and hello to the notch. Note that the MacBook Pro M1 has also given way to the MacBook Pro M2, which is much more expensive once again…

After the laptops, Apple also delighted us with the arrival of a brand new collection: the mac studio. In short, the concept is more or less that of the Mac mini but with more plumpness, for performance also enhanced. As a bonus, Apple also unveiled the Studio displaya twenty-seven-inch screen more affordable than the Pro Display XDR (phew!) and which almost magically combines with the central unit.

The new Mac Pro, however, is still long overdue. Apple was originally slated to premiere it in 2022, but the tour should finally arrive next year.

Apple MacBook Air 2022

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5 – One more trio for Apple Watch

Accompanying the iPhone and the Mac, it is also the Apple Watch which has been invited to the front of the stage in 2022. The most significant announcement of this year being requested by theApple Watch Ultra, a monster of technology at almost a thousand euros each. The tool is intended for athletes and is intended to be a real fashion accessory, even if less customizable than the Series 8 which arrived in time. The latter, on the other hand, is an almost exact copy of the Series 7.

The smallest budgets could fall back on the Apple Watch SE, but at the expense of a Series 3 discount after five years on the market. The base price for a watch is therefore, to make matters worse, higher than ever.

6 – Are the 2022 iPads worth it?

This is confirmed with the iPads, which from 389 euros for the ninth generation basic version to 589 euros for the tenth! A major inconvenience, but perhaps overshadowed by an iconic makeover that puts an end to the historic shell of the queen tablets of their sector. In 2022, the iPad mini is the only one that has not been updated.



On the software side, the release of iPadOS will have been delayed following some problems encountered during the progressive deployment of Manager. A feature that makes Apple’s large touchscreens almost as efficient as Macs now, not to mention their keyboards. Because remember that the Magic Keyboard is now compatible with the classic iPad, bringing it touchpad and function keys for 299 euros.

7 -Our favourite: Business Essentials

And to finish ? It’s up to you to reveal your favorite of the year in the comments! For ours, it will be Apple Business Essentials. A sequel tocomplete tools dedicated to professionals who capitalize on the material pumped to equip their teams. In a few clicks, it is easily possible to configure a whole bank of devices for developers, salespeople or customer support.

With Business Essentials, managers can also assign roles to certain members of their team or unlock access to third-party applications when necessary. Everything is synced with iCloud and customers can enjoy 24/7 support.

Apple Business Essentials

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