The autonomy of this connected watch humiliates Apple and Samsung

The KOSPET brand intends to humiliate the connected watches of Apple and Samsung thanks to the bluffing autonomy of their new products. The TANK M2 enters a fierce battle with the two giants. Pour not to miss anything of this nugget, discover everything you need to know in this article!

Before the international launch of its new connected watch, KOPSET was launched by a pre-sale campaign for its new TANK M2 on AliExpress. According to the brand, the connected gadget would ensure an autonomy of 60 days in standby mode or 15 days with typical use.

That’s all ? Well no ! It doesn’t stop there. Indeed, the autonomy of this connected watch is not its only strong point since it has equally impressive features. All this in order to compete with connected watches from Apple and Samsung.

The characteristics of the KOSPET TANK M2

To offer the best comfort to its users, KOSPET has Equipped, in addition to theimpressive autonomy of his connected watch, attractive technical characteristics. The screen is 47 mm in size with a resolution of 320 x 385 px, which gives good renderings.

Also, you can controller the connected watch thanks to buttons which are located on its sides. Otherwise, you will be able to use the voice commands.

autonomous connected watch

Explanations on the monstrous autonomy of this connected watch

According to KOSPET estimates, the TANK M2 should be able to last for a period of 60 days Fr standby and 15 days Fr normal use. For this, it is powered by a cobalt battery with a capacity of 380 mAh.

The features present on the KOSPET TANK M2

autonomous connected watch

Apart from the extraordinary autonomy of this connected watch, the KOPSET TANK M2 is also enriched by features worthy of executives in its category. In fact, you can connect the TANK M2 and your smartphone thanks to the presence of the Bluetooth 5.0.

This allows you to make calls, receive application notifications or even play music. In addition, the connected watch also offers health related features at the stage of monitoring blood oxygenation and heart rate.

However, the level of precision of these tools is uncertain. By the way, FDA approval for these sensors is not verified.

Apart from that, the TANK M2 also offers the possibility to monitor your sleep as well as your exercise sessions. In addition, it offers more 70 sports modes and one auto tracking of six sporting activities including walking, running and cycling.

Other functions, at the stage of the weather reports, the alarm and the calculator are also there.

Product availability and price

autonomous connected watch

You will have the choice between several colors if you then treat yourself to the connected watch with the better autonomy at present. Either in orange and black, or in red and black, or entirely in black. All these versions come with a silicone strap.

TANK M2 pre-orders are available for customers all over the world at a discounted price of $99.99. In the future, this price will be evaluated and the smartwatch will cost $199.98. Now is the best time to give it to you!

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