That’s it, Apple’s AirPods Max headphones are finally available at €399, but stocks are very limited

Good deal news That’s it, Apple’s AirPods Max headphones are finally available at €399, but stocks are very limited

When the AirPods Max came out, everyone tore their hair out over the price of Apple’s wireless headphones: €629, literally double that of its most serious competitors, the Sony XM4 and the Bose QC 35+. However, the tests, including ours, have proven it: this helmet is a nugget. Now that the prices are drastically lowered, it’s time to sing to checkout.

To reach such a low price, there is no choice, it is absolutely necessary to turn to a refurbished product. Without it, sellers wouldn’t even make a margin, the AirPods Max are far too premium headphones. But beware, who says refurbished, does not say at all mediocre product, quite the contrary! I’m typing these lines myself on a refurbished MacBook that’s already 3 years old and runs like new. As a reminder, refurbished is not the same as second-hand, especially with an A+ grade.

Bought the AirPods Max at €399.99 at Fnac (grade A+)

Yes, when you buy a refurbished product, the latter reconditioning grade. Grade A means that a product has been refurbished. Grade A+, the real Holy Grail, means that the product does not show the slightest micro-scratch. It is absolutely polished inside and out.

Be aware that a product with a simple packaging defect may be considered unfit for sale and forced to go through the repackaging box to avoid ending up in the trash. A+ grades are often products that have this kind of “problem”, so they are regularly Really new, simply much cheaper because out of their original box.

In any case, you have guarantee so it would be silly to miss out on such a big economy. Elsewhere, the AirPods Max is almost at its starting price, 200€ more expensive.

AirPods Max. : the best bluetooth headset for any iPhone owner

Then comes a question: even with such a strong promotion, why put 399€ in a helmet when there are other very good cheaper models? For the JVTECH team, the answer is quite simple: it is because it is of the best product on the market for iPhone owners.

If you’re on Android and you’re not one of the small percentage of people demanding to have the best of the best, you can go your own way and head for the competition. the sublime Sony XM4 does almost as well for $100 less. But if you have an iPhone, frankly, go for it.

As you can imagine, Apple’s headphones are ultra-premium. Just visually: the quality of finish and the choice of materials are immediately noticeable. And then, when you put this AirPods Max on your ears, we quickly say to ourselves that we have never heard that from a wireless headset.

Apple a very special, super flattering sound signature. I had the chance to try the product… and I really felt like I was rediscovering my favorite music, it’s pretty crazy. With spatial audio that adapts to your head position, the “wow” effect is even stronger. Reaching such heights in Bluetooth, and whatever the source, it’s just amazing.

When we talk about a modern Bluetooth headset, we obviously cannot avoid the subject of the active noise reduction. In this regard, it is very complicated to go and dethrone the Apple brand. If you don’t activate the transparency mode (a mode, which, by the way, has no common measure with what is done elsewhere), you will be in a bubble completely cut off from the outside world. And that is, among other things, thanks to the quality of the microphones present on the helmet. Yes, even for telephoning, the AirPods Max more than does the job.

Last key point: comfort. What can I say except that this helmet hardly feels once placed on the head. The weight is perfectly distributed. It’s tempting to bang on the AirPods Max and shout that the price is way too high. In reality, it’s a rather complicated position to hold when you see the quality of the final rendering. Especially when such a strong promo is active.

Bought the AirPods Max at 399€ at Fnac (grade A+)

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