That’s all the Microsoft 365 news for this week

Microsoft 365 aims to replace Office 365 and provide us with endless services and products. These are also updated every week and we get cool features to get even more out of them. Let’s take a look at this week’s updates to the various Microsoft 365s and when they will arrive.

Microsoft Teams: Mention Everyone in Chat

Teams users will now have a new mention type in their group chats and meetings. The feature labeled 101573 in the Microsoft 365 roadmap will add the “Everyone” option in the mention options. Therefore, by paying Everyone as a mention option, all users associated with the group avoid a notification by alerting them.

The feature is expected to start rolling out in late January and be generally available in late February next year for desktop, iOS, and Android users.

Exporter in the Teams admin center

Microsoft has announced that it will add a new feature labeled 85704 in the Microsoft 365 roadmap. The export feature will allow admins to download data from roster pages such as the team roster page, member list page, channel list page and user list page in CSV format. case. This feature should be generally available next year, in March.

Using the export feature, administrators can apply filters to these list pages and export the filtered list instead of having to export the entire list.

Pretest idle session timeout for Microsoft 365 Web Apps

On December 13, Microsoft began to pass the idle session timeout, a feature designed to “Allow IT admins to configure a tenant-wide timeout policy to automatically sign users out after a period of inactivity in Microsoft 365 Web Apps.”

The feature titled 55183 in the Microsoft 365 roadmap allows you to protect your company’s sensitive data. So that they are not accessible to unauthorized persons. It will also make it easier to work on shared or unmanaged devices. According to Microsoft, “This feature is an improvement over the current application-specific idle timeout settings in Outlook Web App (OWA) and SharePoint Online (SPO). »

The feature should be available at the end of August. Admins can set how long a user can be inactive in a Microsoft 365 web app before being automatically signed out. To access it, you can use the UX in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Now available to receive all chat messages in all domains

Microsoft also announced that it is extending the Resource Specific Consent (RSC) permissions model. To receive all messages from bot scenarios. It was originally developed by Microsoft Teams Graph APIs. It was available for channel scope, but according to this announcement, it is now also available for chat scope.

The feature listed as 100883 in the Microsoft 365 roadmap. It’s now generally available so chat owners can now allow a bot to receive all messages from users in standard channels and chats without being @mentioned.

The Receive All Messages (RSC) permissions model, originally developed for Microsoft Teams Graph APIs, is being expanded to bot scenarios. This feature was available at channel scope and is now extended to chat scope. With RSC, conversation owners can consent to a bot receiving all messages from the user in standard chats and channels without being @mentioned.

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