Tesla will design a smaller and cheaper platform

Will we finally see the birth of this famous “little” Tesla for less than $25,000? Nothing is less certain about the price. On the other hand, the next generation will be based on a smaller platform and the cost of which will be halved compared to that of the Tesla Model 3/Y.

It was during his conference call discussing Tesla’s third quarter 2022 financial results that Elon Musk said that a team of engineers is developing a next-generation electric car platform.

However, the whimsical boss tempered expectations, adding that there were no precise dates for the launch yet, but that it remained “the main focus of the new vehicle development team”.

Elon Musk then explained the costs and production volumes of this next generation, which would not only surpass that of the Model 3/Y (95% of deliveries in the third quarter of 2022), but also of all Tesla combined.

No $25,000 Tesla

This announcement revived the rumor of a “small” Teslae marketed at $ 25,000, to which Elon Musk replied that while its production costs will be less than half those of the Model 3 and Y, that does not mean that that the new car will be sold for 50% less — in the United States, the starting price of the Model 3 is $46,990. On the other hand, it is certain that the price of this third generation Tesla will be “significantly lower than that of the Model 3”.

According to the website Insideevs, the arrival of this new Tesla is not expected before 2024, once the production of the Semi and the Cybertruck is delivered on the right track. The date could however be brought forward as the development manager is none other than Tesla China. To be continued…

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