Tesla unveils a wireless charging pad equipped with FreePower technology: what is it?

Tesla continues to supply its shop. This time with a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad. Its particularity in addition to being quite expensive is to use FreePower technology.

Tesla wireless charging platform // Source: Tesla

After the external SSD, chic, powerful, but expensive, Tesla does it again by marketing a product called Wireless charging platform. A Qi-compatible wireless charging pad that incorporates technology FreePower.

Tesla wireless charging platform // Source: Tesla

Wireless charging power is up to 15W per device, with the ability to charge three devices at the same time. On the other hand, it is confined to 7.5 or 10 W for the iPhone. These can go beyond with MagSafe, but our product of the day is not compatible with.

What is FreePower Technology?

Difficult to talk about technology FreePower without offering the product that inspired it: Apple’s AirPower.

Previewed at a conference in September 2017, AirPower was meant to take Qi wireless charging to the next level, freeing it from hassles like precise device positioning. But, after years of development challenges, Apple canceled AirPower. Still, others have continued, such as Aira’s FreePower technology.

Tesla wireless charging platform // Source: Tesla

Thanks to FreePower, all you have to do is drop any Qi phone (one, two, or three) or earphone case anywhere you want on the Alcantara, and they charge.

There’s no need for thought or precise positioning: it just “just works”. In total, Aira claims 30 patentable innovations inside a board just six millimeters thick. Technically, this base integrates an array of 18 Qi coils into a relatively thin accessory.

Source: Aira

Moreover, energy efficiency would be better than conventional bases.

This technology has a cost: 300 dollars for Tesla. We even wonder if it is this technology that equips the wireless chargers of Tesla cars.

Nomad Pro base station // Source: Aira

It seems wiser to turn to the Nomad Base Station Pro which incorporates the same technology for around 200 euros.

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