Tesla offers the possibility of modifying the color of its car on the screen

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Tesla is treating its Chinese customers with the launch of a new update presenting a series of new features.

For Tesla, as for the vast majority of car manufacturers, China is a very big market and the brand does not hesitate to adapt its updates to local customs. As the Chinese New Year approaches, Tesla has launched a new update with features specially designed for Chinese customers.

The choice of colors via the central screen

With a meager five-color swatch, Tesla doesn’t offer a lot of customization options. Thus, many customers turn to specialized companies to dress their electrics with a film of a different color. But on the screen, the 3D projection of the car retains the original color.

Tesla now corrects the shot with a new feature that allows you to change the color of the car on the screen. By accessing the feature from a menu on the infotainment system, the user can fine-tune the color of the car from a color wheel, then fine-tune the tint with an RGB palette.

Once validated, the configuration is also projected on the brand’s mobile application. A good idea from Tesla, which takes care of the small details that make the difference.

TeslaMics for fiery karaoke

A very popular activity in China, karaoke also joins the list of new features from the brand, which offers to pay 1,199 yuan (170 euros) for its TeslaMic to sing along for a recharge… (failing that, you can also enjoy to listen to our podcast).

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