Tesla Model 3 > Tesla Model 3 Highland, soon a new version

The Tesla Model 3 was, not long ago, the queen of electric cars. But in the meantime, Elon Musk has done everything to push sales of his SUV Y-model at the expense of the sedan Model 3. A strategy that offers a gateway to its Asian competitors. Hyundai, BYD, NIO and other major car manufacturers have thus been able to relaunch in this segment.

Apparently, You’re here is aware of this strategic misstep.
At the same time, the sales figures of the 3s modelThey have collapsed all over the world, and especially in Europe.
You’re here intends to return the trend with its highland project.
This is not official, but the sources are part of this new strategy which intends to regain control with a complete overhaul of the Model 3. the highland project would therefore be on our roads at the end of 2023. This is a Tesla Model 3 thoroughly redesigned. Thus, the electric sedan would gain a new design, more aerodynamic, but would welcome the new batteries of the firm. With these large cells, the designers aim to save space and weight which would improve performance by around 25%. Moreover, the design of this new model 3 would incorporate new manufacturing processes. More massive, they contributed to a gain on production costs. Consequently, You’re here would increase its margins and take advantage of this to lower its prices, and thus weigh down its competitors. Wait to see…

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