Tesla launches its $300 wireless charging mat and beats Apple (and its AirPower)

If you follow Apple news closely, you’ll probably say that this new Tesla product looks a lot like the AirPower. For others, AirPower is the name of a charging station developed by Apple over many months. The product even appeared in the iPhone X presentation video in 2017.

The principle of the accessory was similar to that of Tesla today: being able to simultaneously charge three wireless devices, such as an iPhone, AirPods and an Apple Watch without worrying about placing them correctly on the holder.

Apple never managed to finalize its design and canceled it after several months, on the sly. The manufacturer has never mentioned the subject publicly, but he would never have succeeded in solving the heat problems generated by the various charging coils when several devices were placed on them.

Apparently, Tesla and Aira managed to find the trick for enough power while mastering the heat of the accessory. To offer you this station, you will still have to pay the price. The object is sold by Tesla on its official website at a price of 300 dollars and is currently only available on the American market.

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